I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phi. 4:13)." These simple, yet profound words served as an inspiring guide that directed and motivated the author during the awesome journey of writing this dynamic book. In this ever-changing social and technological world, it is a refreshing experience to read an enriching piece of work. The author combined his God given gift of writing with his natural intuitiveness, hard work and enormous patience and has produced a powerful work of art; one that is filled with thought provoking information and enlightenment; yet is captivating (you will not want to put it down) and delightful in content. There is a seriousness that will cause you to be reflective, as well as a warm sense of humor that will cause you to smile and even laugh out loud. We thank God for the messenger (Poet E.L. Conrod) and for MESSAGES.

Dr. Cordell P.

There are only certain times in life when God places certain untapped talents in our presence. We have gifted people, and then we have anointed people. That's why I truly recommend that you read "Messages" written by this chosen vessel. I call him "The Poet" in the person of the anointed one; Mr. E.L. Conrod, my friend.

Bishop Neal Roberson