If Cancer Says Hello, It does not mean Goodbye

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If Cancer Says Hello, It does not mean Goodbye

Results from her test revealed cancer

Induced by the devil she demands an answer

So she looks up towards the sky

In anger and tears she asked God why

He allowed cancer to form

It just seems I'm always caught in a storm

She said I do all that you ask

Faithfully serve though I'm constantly harassed

Lord why have I been forsaken

Temporarily shaken her faith now awakens

And she falls down to her knees

Now worshiping Him she cried Lord please

Forgive me for you owe no explanation

And I know you're able to fix any situation

So right now I claim victory

As I undergo chemotherapy

She lost her hair and a great deal of weight

But in all of her loss she gained more faith

As the pains now stayed longer and longer

Her faith grew stronger and stronger

* From Book Messages by Poet E.L.(Entire poem available upon request)

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