Books Excerpts

Excerpts from my book "Messages"

Last Night was My Last Night

Last Night was My Last Night

From the front row she stood with long blonde hair

I have a testimony she said that I would like to share

She then dropped her head

And with a voice that carried this is what she said

I have a miserable life

Then she started telling everyone what happened last night

As usual I went out to a club

Before going in got high on drugs

It was my three girlfriends and I

One stood outside the car while the others got high

We were in the club’s parking lot

No pills or cocaine we only smoked pot

Not saying she said smoking marijuana is alright

I’m just being truthful about last night

Anyway it was a smoked filled car with no windows cracked

We were vehicle tripping until the club started to pack

Then went inside and partied

She’s Pregnant Again

She’s Pregnant Again

Born into a world of sin

Where lies live and men pretend

To love when they don’t even care

Stealing innocence and turning dreams into nightmares

With insanity for some of their victims pending

With broken hearts for others still mending

Now in the peaceful suburbs of Chicago

A young virgin girl will ignore the echoes

Of wisdom and warnings from family and friends

Allows an opening and satin moves on in

Disguised as a handsome man

Executing his vicious plan

She’s seventeen he’s thirty-seven

He’s on the road to hell she’s on the highway to heaven

But their paths would soon intertwine.

Ten Thousand Tongues

Ten Thousand Tongues

In sin is where I once lived

The elevator of life had come to a standstill

In truth it was rapidly descending

Like an actor publicly I was pretending

Joy was but a rare breeze on a hot summer’s day

In the midst of confusion I often lost my way

And then I awakened to You

Before long discovered the truth

I read and was fed all You did for me

From what years of darkness kept hid from me

My life quickly began to tone

I’m still ashamed sometimes it took so long.

He Scared the devil Forever Out of Me

He Scared the devil Forever Out of Me

She’s deep in the tunnel and can see no light

This woman of the house becomes a lady of the night

But the street she’s working is now under surveillance

She propositions a cop and is taken down to the station

Being a first time offender gets only a reprimand

Gives her word she’ll never do it again

Tries hard but can’t make ends meet

Got three little ones with no food to eat

Bill collectors now calling six days a week

In danger now of being put out in the streets

Confused can’t see the forest for the trees

Her mom says you and the children can stay with me

She quickly declines and as the day gets dark

Retreats to the streets to negotiate with the sharks

I Got Drunk Last Night

I Got Drunk Last Night

Last night I went out with some friends

After working hard all week we were thrilled to see the weekend

They picked me up around six fifteen

I woke up this morning thinking last night was just a dream

Phone calls and text messages soon erased all doubt

So drunk I’m informed I even passed out

After regaining consciousness I’m told

I needed help, to get up off the floor

Staggering and loud, say they’ve never seen me like that before

A hangover confirms that these testimonies are real

There’s no word in Webster that can explain how I feel

What’s amazing is I remember little

I guess some experiences in life were not meant to figure

But if I did all of what I hear

If Cancer Says Hello (It does not mean goodbye)

If Cancer Says Hello (It does not mean goodbye)

Results from her test revealed cancer

Induced by the devil she demands an answer

So she looks up towards the sky

In anger and tears she asked God why

He allowed cancer to form

It just seems I’m always caught in a storm

She said I do all that you ask

Faithfully serve though I’m constantly harassed

Lord why have I been forsaken

Temporarily shaken her faith now awakens

And she falls down to her knees

Now worshiping Him she cried Lord please

Forgive me for you owe no explanation

And I know you’re able to fix any situation

So right now

My Battles: Part 1

My Battles: Part 1

I was no more than seven years old and my mom and dad was in a heated argument. I, as was some of my other siblings was in the room. The words my little ears heard to this day big ears still hear. My dad in his rage said to my mom, “Lee is not my son anyway!” He was referring to me. Instantly tears started falling like rain as I ran out of the room. He followed and said he didn’t mean it but the damage was done and as it turned out I was scarred for life. To this date, after that incident, most of my childhood and some of my teenage years I have no recollection of. That was the second worse hurt I’ve ever felt in my life. As I grew older I grew angrier at him. The anger is no more and he has long been forgiven. God is Able.

Not sure about the year but I believe it was in 2000. I was working for a commercial truck driving company in Ms. I was hauling feed for fish and one day arrived to a destination I had visited several times so familiar I was with the location. Anyway the trucks have long arms that I believe are called booms that extend high in the air over a tank opening to unload the feed. That day my mind must have wandered for a second. I extended the boom into some power lines. The big tires on the truck immediately started popping like firecrackers. With my hands still on the levers that control the boom, I couldn’t let go. The big truck was now in a blaze and I was still standing beside it glued to the levers terrified. As the tires continued to pop all around the truck, there was an explosion and a big hole was blown in the side of the trailer. The explosion also freed my hands and I was knocked to the ground. A passerby called 911 and as the fire department arrived the fire was soon extinguished. Paramedics were also dispatched and as I was rushed to the emergency room for observations, they told me they thought were coming to get a dead body and not a live one. I was even shown pictures of what happens when that much electricity goes through the human body. The pictures were gruesome and I was told to their knowledge, I was the only one to ever survive such an event. At the hospital all checked out fine and they credited my survival to some thick sole boots I was wearing. Boots I had just purchased the day before. They said it was the boots and I was lucky. I said it was God and I was blessed. God is able.

In 2007 my daughter, Latisha Barrow passed. Remember the second worse hurt I told you of earlier, well this was the worse, the hurt of hurts. I wasn’t suicidal just didn’t care much for life. I was devastated. I cried for a while every day and night. I have another daughter, Tiffini but even if I had 20 more daughters, I don’t think the pain would have been any lesser. I couldn’t for a time sleep or eat. I can recall going to church once and had to walk out because of a song the choir was singing. A distance I walked from the church and just cried. A friend came out behind me and said man, just go on home and pray. I came on home and I prayed. I talked to God that day like never before. He in time tamed my pain. Now when I think of Latisha instead of crying, I smile. God is Able.

No matter what you’re going through know that God has His eye on you. No one, no one, lives life daily on the mountaintop. We will all visit the valleys. No matter how many storms you’ve been through, it does not exempt you from more. But if in your storms you endure, if in your storms you maintain faith, comfort, blessings and miracles are on the way. God is still God.