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By: Poet E.L.Conrod

Poetic Motivational Speaker

Poet E.L. Conrod based in Indianola, Mississippi, proudly provides inspirational and motivational books when you need a little encouragement. Also known As an Event Speaker for television, radio and at institutions around the U.S. Expand your knowledge and become a positive thinker when you receive your motivational books.

Inspirational Message

This is a book of inspirational poems. It’s a must read and it’s simply awesome. With a special dedication to mothers, our troops and also one very inspiring about cancer, again, it is a must read. It’s called Messages because each poem brings a powerful message. To many this book will be a blessing and to hear him is refreshing.

There are only certain times in life when God places certain untapped talents in our presence. We have gifted people, and then we have anointed people. The difference between the two is God has given many gifts according to one’s ability. With that said, the world is full of gifted people, but on the other hand, we have the anointed; those who are handpicked by God; much like Samuel with God’s guidance picking David to be king. That’s why I truly recommend that you read “Messages” written by this chosen vessel. I call him “The Poet” in the person of the anointed one; Mr. E.L. Conrod, my friend.


From the desk of XLibris 


This book proves true that some things are indeed worth the wait. This book promises to motivate, educate, direct, make you smile and most of all make you think. With high demands and great reviews, this is poetry with a meaning. It will brighten your days and enlighten your nights. It touches on some of the storms of life that we must all go through and at the same time it provides comfort. The author states, "I felt as though I was being dictated to from beginning to the very end of this book." He goes on to say, "Advice I know I couldn't have given verbally, in ink I speak." This is a book for all and for all occasions. For those who say they don't read poetry, a few lines from this book will likely change your mind. This book is one you will enjoy reading over and over again; it will also be one you'll want to keep close when certain situations arise. There is one thing we can say, "Trying to choose a favorite will be a tough task." The entire book, including songs added as an extra bonus, was magnificently done. The author has traveled around the U.S. and also recited live on television and radio. His writings are a blessing and to hear him is refreshing. Our prediction is this will be a best seller.